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About Susan Scheewe

Sue Scheewe

Susan Scheewe quite simply loves to paint!

She began painting at age 5, when a favorite aunt who was a fine artist and watercolorist, taught Sue the techniques of watercolor painting. Growing into adulthood with the same love of painting she had learned as a child, she received her degree in fine arts.

Sue started teaching over 30 years ago as a way of encouraging others to enjoy the same love of painting that she has found. Sue teaches all age levels, but has a special fondness for encouraging children to express themselves through painting.

Sue is also a successful writer, painting book publisher, businesswoman, and popular television personality. Sue has hosted several highly successful series’ on painting. Her most recent, “Scheewe Art Workshop,” is now airing on Public Television. Her genuinely warm and welcoming style combines with her easy to master techniques to create an ever growing audience of painters and viewers. Be sure to check your local Public Television listings for the time and day of Sue’s show in your area.

Sue, and the Martin F/. Weber Company, work together to develop a quality line of Susan Scheewe art supplies and accessories, especially designed to work with Sue’s techniques. Her art materials can be purchased through this website as well as through many art and craft stores nationwide.

Sue travels all over the world teaching, as well as making guest appearances on foreign television programs, but her favorite place is at home in Oregon with her family.

We wish you many hours of painting fun and enjoyment, as you welcome Sue into your home as your private art teacher!

Click Here to watch Susan Scheewe's Video Biography